Liquid Sunshine
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Graphic Novel

Liquid Sunshine

It all started when Husk, a monkey, stole a bunch of honey from mafia bears. In an attempt to escape these bears he asks his best friends Spooner, a horse, and Tent, a rhino, for help.

This leads them on a journey full of unpredictable events, which makes Liquid Sunshine not the story you were expecting.

Publication Date: TBA

Format: b&w, 80 pages; 186mm x 279mm

Price: TBA

Age range: 17+

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Liquid Sunshine

A beautiful puzzle adventure platformer inspired by games like Lost Vikings and Limbo.

Liquid Sunshine Combos

Lost Vikings met Sin City, or is it Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas?

Guide a monkey, a horse and a rhino through challenging puzzles and discover the roots of their relationship through a full-blown graphic novel backstory.

Liquid Sunshine Characters

Each character has several abilities. By combining their powers with one another, they create a second tier of abilities. These will be necessary to get all three characters safely through the levels.


  • Graphic Novel
  • The three playable characters are a monkey, a horse and a rhino
  • Beautiful black and white art
  • UHD + Widescreen support


Liquid Sunshine will feature a collection of 16 amazing tracks!

Here's a sample of the soundtrack:


Liquid Sunshine

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